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Eco-responsibility and pragmatism for the benefit of all

As architects of the wine process, we offer you a new way of looking at wine engineering. A way that combines expertise with common sense in a global eco-responsible approach. The concept of shared eco-responsibility is a method based on the co-design of your future tailor-made winemaking tool, in a simple, fast, accessible, reasoned and rigorous way.

The concept of shared eco-responsibility is more a way of life than a real method, it simply consists in favouring modern communication tools over time-consuming, costly and penalizing travel in terms of carbon footprint. Thus, by focusing on video conferencing, conference calls and data sharing on secure servers, we focus on responsiveness and efficiency to the benefit of your project.

Through co-design, we choose to work with you rather than work for you. Our methodological approach integrates you as a partner and not as a “client” and draws on your professional experience to guide the realization of your project in a unique direction: yours.

Another advantage of this unique approach is its direct impact on your budget, which allows us to guarantee significant savings compared to a traditional approach.

This method, which has been proven over many years, brings together the best of new technologies in terms of both communications and pure engineering. Because we work all over the world, we are fully aware of the ecological impacts of each of our actions. Our daily practice is therefore inseparable from a rational use of resources. Another advantage of this approach is that it results in considerable time savings and design delays that are two to three times faster than a traditional approach.

In concrete terms, this means:

  • A visualization of your project and its variants in the form of 3D sketches and plans
  • A reliable evaluation of the cost by having projected budgets at -10%.
  • Travel limited to strictly necessary, for the benefit of video conferences.
  • A more relevant approach with you as a partner in the design of your future tool.

« Your experience + our expertise + co-design + eco-responsibility = the 4 pillars of the Tandem 2P methodology »

REDUCED LEAD TIMES 2 to 3 times faster than a traditional approach


thanks to our processes favouring shared eco-responsibility



budget estimate” to within -10%



for the benefit of the planet and your budget



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