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Who are we?

A team of complementary and passionate experts at the service of your ambitions

Founders and leading figures of TANDEM 2P, François Arnaud and Zouhaïr Ben-Omar are first and foremost passionate about the world of wine, with a combined experience of nearly 60 years in this constantly changing world. Internationally renowned wine engineer, François Arnaud is a creative, multi-card expert who designs, diagnoses, sizes and quantifies your project with extreme precision. A renowned oenologist, former cellar master and teacher, Zouhaïr Ben-Omar is a consultant and technical director of wine production who understands your expectations and needs better than anyone else.

TANDEM 2P is therefore:

  • François Arnaud and Zouhaïr Ben-Omar, a duo of complementary experts at the service of your personalized wine project.
  • a dedicated technical team (3D designers, assistants)
  • a network of reference partners, multi-trade associations (architecture, project management, engineering, construction, etc.)
Technical team

Florent Contursi
Dessinateur Projeteur chef de projet

Laurent Magnet
Maître d’oeuvre / Chef de projet

Oscar Merle
Architecte / Chef de projet

Thomas Andrieu
Ingénieur / Chef de projet

Valérie Bourguet
Assistante administrative et technique

Stéphanie Campos
Assistante administrative et technique

Duo of complementary experts

François Arnaud – wine engineer

Specialist in the wine process, François ARNAUD’s international experience (Spain, Belgium, Russia, Argentina, Vietnam, Syria, Morocco, Germany, Canada, Tunisia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Georgia, Brazil, China) allows him to design cellars adapted to all types of situations, from the Domaine Particulier to the cooperative cellar. Its expertise, particularly in wine equipment, heat treatment, electricity and automation, guarantees the technical and financial optimisation of your investments. He is able to diagnose, dimension, design, cost and draw all types of projects. His long experience in the various project management phases is an asset in meeting deadlines and budgets.

“For having led many projects to create or restructure cellars, I have rethought my profession differently in order to provide the customer with just what he really needs. A faster, more relevant and economical co-design mode, involving the project team more broadly. A much more accessible engineering cost. »

François Arnaud
+33(0)6 83 56 22 03

Zouhaïr Ben-Omar – œnologue

Zouhair Ben-omar has held important technical positions in production and trading (Technical Director within the main Moroccan trade (200,000 hl and 25 million bottles)). He can put himself in the shoes of his clients and integrate their specific challenges all the better. Also a Professional Coach, he assists them with kindness during the arbitrations to be carried out so that each euro serves the purpose of the project.

“Having managed several projects as a project manager, I understand and integrate the technical and financial challenges faced by our clients.
Safety, performance, reliability, respect of deadlines and budgets, flexibility, scalability, innovation, and also value creation, differentiation, eco-responsibility…»

Zouhaïr Ben-Omar
+33(0)6 65 52 95 77



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