Tandem Process Partner


From the initial audit to the management of the work: a panel of operational expertise

TANDEM 2P is more than 30 years of experience and passion (almost 60 for the duo!) dedicated to wine and winemaking processes, all trades combined. Our expertise covers all your needs, from the initial brief to the finalization of your cellar. In addition to our own resources, they are also supported by a solid network of complementary professionals that we associate with our recommendations according to the profile of your project.

Our expertise in detail:

  • Audit and Diagnosis of the wine making and packaging cellars.
  • Project management of all restructuring projects and creation of cellars.
  • Sizing of technical needs.
  • Design of the layout of the equipment and the building(s).
  • Detailed costing of the project and its variants.
  • Drafting of specifications for mandated companies.
  • Consultation of companies, negotiation.
  • Coordination of the work of the companies / management of the work.
  • Instruction of projects with budgets between €800k and €20m.
  • Multi-year programming to spread the budget effort according to your resources.


We operate throughout France as well as in Europe,
Latin America and Africa.



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